A Fern Lyttelton Update!


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Remember this adorable smokey girl?  Of course you do, it’s Fern Lyttleton!!! Who would ever forget that determined little face, that incredible coat, and all of that character!


Well, this spirited little kitten grew up to be quite a lovely cat.  Take a look at her today, six years later!  

SaveSave Here’s what Leslie, her mama, had to say about dear Fern:

Fern continues to be adorable and sweet. She’s a great snuggler and gives the best hugs. She and Roux are expert nappers: they run to a pile of laundry fresh from the dryer as if it’s a heated bed I made just for them. They burrow in, groom luxuriously then snooze. It’s hard to resist joining them.

F​ern was initially reticent to venture outside when we moved into this apartment. There’s an enclosed breezeway perfect for indoor kitties to safely enjoy fresh air and tasty bugs. She wouldn’t budge from the doormat at first but after two years she explores freely, even to the second floor. She greets anyone that passes by with a spirited hello and friendly head butts.

Five units in our building have formed a kitty sitting club so Roux & Fern have a lot of friends. It’s been wonderful getting to know my cat-loving neighbors. It makes going out of town easier knowing they’ll be looked after by kind humans who are happy to see them. We even get together for wine and cheese parties. Yay Capitol Crest Kitty Club!

Thank you Laurie and Charlene. I’m grateful for your kitty wrangling skills and the tiny smoke tabby I adopted 6 years ago. She’s the best!

Thanks for sharing your Fern with us, Leslie!  We’re happy to hear you are all so happy!!  Please give her (and Roux) a little love from all of us.

And friends, if you need a little more Fern, you can read her adoption tale HERE or visit all of the Lyttleton posts by clicking HERE.

My travels begin this weekend, and I’m trying hard to post five times a week like I normally do, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day or post at odd hours.  I’m not going to have internet access 100% of the time, which might throw things off a bit.  

Have a great weekend, everyone!  We will see you on Monday!

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