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A Vancie Plunket Update!!!

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 You all probably remember the adorable Vancie Plunkett who was in residence here at the IBKC just this past fall. She’s now goes by the name “Olivia”.

She landed herself a wonderful family, and as you’ll see in the text that follows, she is completely adored!

Here’s what Deb, her mama, has to say about their girl:

The amazing Miss Olivia continues to charm the socks off everyone she encounters! Whether it’s the sly “tag, you’re it” pat given as you walk by, the all-paws-outstretched jump for joy she makes as she sees you, or that irresistible purr she gives out so readily, Olivia wears her heart on her sleeve, er, um, fur! 🙂 Her beauty knows no bounds and that tail, oh my, it is a sight to be seen!  Everyone calls it Olivia’s built-in feather duster! Whitney and I both declare her to be so soft, you just want to hold her forever.  She will rub her face against yours and look at you with such heartfelt love that it almost takes your breath away!

Olivia loves to play! Anything is fair game if in Olivia’s reach as she maneuvers it deftly across a table top or the floor!

She knows her name and comes when called! Even if tucked away in one of her favorite hiding spots! She loves to curl up in her perch next to the living room window or the window seat in our bedroom. She’s got a great view of our backyard from both vantage points and she loves to watch the birds and squirrels.  She and the squirrels are quite good friends and frequently can be found in rapt attention simply watching each other through the window! I swear if the window weren’t there, they’d bound off together!  Now that it’s warmer, you will often Olivia fully stretched out on the futon in the library for her afternoon nap!

We so often remark what an extraordinary, loving kitten/cat Olivia is…and we know that’s due to the excellent start she got at the Charlene and Wylla Bean Finishing School!  We can never thank you enough for our now not-so Itty Bitty Kitty! We are completely, utterly besotted with dear Olivia!

Here are a couple of photos of Olivia, and some videos, too!

Thanks so much for sharing your sweet girl with us today, Deb! She’s so lucky she is to have a family that loves her so much!! Vancie/Olivia/s adoption tale is a real heart-warmer. If you need a feel-good moment today, please give it a read HERE!

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