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An Update on Audrey Stout!

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Whenever I get an update on Audrey Stout, it always chokes me up a bit. Partially because it reminds me of Wylla and Audrey’s early days, when things were hard and their fate uncertain, but mostly in a happy way, because I’m reminded that even when things get tough, it always seems to work out for us.

 We all went through a lot back then, and sweet Audrey will always hold a special place in my heart.


As you can see in the picture below, Audrey (now Freyja) is a lovely as ever. She and Wylla don’t share too many physical traits, but they both do have such big, round eyes

Here’s what Ashley, her mama, had to say:

 All is well here.  The most exciting part of Freyja’s life lately is that she got a new baby sister (the human variety) in November. They’ve sniffed at each other but no actual contact yet. Freyja is REALLY good at the quick getaway. She still runs around the house like a crazy girl and loves her toys. We have a green space in our backyard so hunting bugs through the window is also a favorite pastime.

Much love to sis Wylla, 
The Ortenzos

Congrats to you all on the new and adorable addition to your family! I hope that in time the two become the best of friends. Thanks so much for sharing an update on Audrey. It’s always so good to see Wylla’s sister and hear how she’s doing. We think of her often, and send lots of love.

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