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Minka from Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, California

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Sweet Minka is a beautiful senior girl who was returned to us.  She is
in great health, and doesn’t look her age!  She is on the shy side, and
needs a quiet home.  She may hide for a time in a new home, but will
eventually come out and be very loving and affectionate.  Minka coexists
peacefully with other cats, but has no interest in being cat pals.  If
you’re looking for a quiet friend, please come and visit Minka!

Someone save this baba

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Kitten Proofing Your House


Devon Rex Kittens in WindowBefore you get kitten home, there are a few things you will want to do to make sure your home is safe and secure for your new addition.

  1. Close off all areas that a kitten can get into. Many kittens have been lost for a time because they are afraid in their new surroundings.
  2. Designate one room where your kitten can stay to get acquainted with her new surroundings. Make it a fun place with new toys, a new bed and litter box so that he understands that this is his room. Once acquainted, usually after a week, let your kitten begin to explore other areas with your supervision.  If there are other pets, gradually introduce them to your new kitten.  Wait a few weeks so that your kitten gets confident and comfortable in his new surroundings.
  3. Get your kitten on a schedule as soon as possible. Regular feeding, grooming and play time gives your kitten a sense of order and security.  Refrain from over-handling.
  4. Be sure to kitten-proof other areas. Just like babies, they love putting things in their mouth.  Make sure that electric cords are unplugged and that there are no other hazards in the vicinity. You may have to get on the floor to “see” what your kitten sees.  Having plenty of appropriate toys around will focus your kitten on the right things.
    Persian Kitten with Flowers

Have fun as you introduce your kitten to his new surroundings and he will soon realize that this is his forever home where he can grow and have comfort and support for a lifetime

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A gradual recovery for Fusa


This post has been written by our Newbury & District Adoption Centre

Beautiful Fusa arrived at the Newbury & District Adoption Centre as a stray with cat flu symptoms and a very obvious head tilt. She had a serious ear infection which was affecting her balance, causing nausea.  Antibiotics and ear treatments didn’t helped to alleviate the symptoms.

Black-and-white Fusa

Xrays revealed the problem was a polyp causing all the symptoms. Specialist scans and treatment were needed, which are costly so we set up a JustGiving page to appeal to cat lovers to help Fusa to receive the treatment she deserved.

Fusa had a a polyp

Unbelievably, we smashed our target of £3,800 within 24 hours! We were so overwhelmed and grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Our little lady had her operation in December but it didn’t go exactly to plan and she gave us quite a scare. It was a very worrying time for all the staff here at the centre. Poor Fusa had post-surgery complications and it was very touch and go for a few days.

Fusa had to have a tracheostomy during her operation and was in intensive care for several days. She spent many weeks in a foster home with our Cat Care Assistant Adele and gave Adele a fright when her tracheostomy wound opened. So back to the vets Fusa went!

Fusa's tracheostomy wound

The above photo shows Fusa settling down in Adele’s home. The picture quality isn’t great simply because she needed to be kept calm and quiet with low lighting. She had a long recovery ahead, longer than originally thought, but we are so happy that Fusa received the treatment she deserved and got all the love and care she needed.

We’re so pleased to be able to tell you that she found a happy home in February with a lovely couple.

Here she is going home with her new owner and settling in their home.

Fusa going home with her new owner

Fusa settling into her new home

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Training Your Kitten to Enjoy the Grooming Routine


3-7 cat with brushRegular brushing and combing are important to make sure that your cat has less hair balls and will leave less hair around the house. For long-haired cats, daily grooming is essential.

The best conditions for training your kitten to get used to the grooming sessions is to gently comb or brush him when he is relaxed or sleepy. Using a gentle approach, don’t insist that grooming take place when the cat is nervous or wanting to play.

Grooming is done the right way of the fur, with the exception of the neck area. Position the comb in a slanted position, and make sure that the teeth are not too sharp. You may take several tries to find your cat’s favorite grooming place. There are plenty of combs on the market, find one that is recommended for your cat’s fur length and texture.

3-7 Robert Groppi1Also, during the grooming process, be sure not to overstimulate your cat so that he becomes rambunctious and aggressive. You want to associate the grooming routine for your cat is time for the two of you to bond and relax.

For some cats, daily grooming may take place several times per day or on a regular basis. Take notice of any “sensitive” areas on your cat and try to avoid those areas. One of my cats does not like having his stomach combed more than a few times.

Grooming is not only essential, but can be an enjoyable activity that you and your cat can share for his entire life.

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Good Thoughts, Please.



I just got back from dropping Bean off at the vet. She’s went in for a teeth cleaning, so she’ll be spending the day there.   Because anesthesia is involved in the procedure, this meant no midnight snacks or breakfast, so she was not a happy Bean today.  She kept yelling and yelling and I just kept apologizing, hoping she would understand and relax.

She’s in very good hands and with people she’s very comfortable around, so there’s no need to worry, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying, of course. I’m a worrier.

It’s really weird not having her in the house right now. You can tell Wylla is a bit confused by the absence of her sister and the disrupted morning routine.   She’s sitting in the window like she normal does after breakfast, but she’s on Bean’s side of the window, and she’s not looking outside, she’s looking around the living room and at me with a face that needs answers. It’s kind of breaking my heart that I can’t offer an explanation she can comprehend.  It’s going to be a long day.

If you wouldn’t mind, please think good thoughts for our dear girl.

Thank you!





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