Black Cat Appreciation Day 2015


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Black Cat Appreciation Day Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Paws up for our resident black cat, PUGSLEY!

While today is a great day for everyone to celebrate le chat noir, every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day around here.

Here’s Why Black Cats are Awesome

1. Black fur does not show up on black pants.
2. One word: Shiny!
3. Black is always in fashion.
4. Black fur makes yellow eyes look bigger and cuter.
5. Food that gets stuck in whiskers stands out against black fur. Very funny.
6. House panther. ‘Nuff said.
7. Black cats have an air of mystique about them.
8. They get great nick names like Le Black, Inky, Blackie, Noir, Midnight, Licorice and more.

So, black cat fans….what would you add to this list?

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Alumni Update: Enid and Hester Sue LaBath!!


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I was excited to see an update on Enid And Hester Sue LaBath land in my mail box.  They were such adorable little creatures, and it’s always nice to see what they’re up to!   Karen, their mama, has done a great job keeping in touch over the years, which we certainly do appreciate!

Remember their sweet faces??

Here’s little Enid (and her sweet little wings).



And Hester Sue (and her adorable nose splotch).


Karen was quite generous and shared lots of Enid and Hester fun facts!! And lots of pictures, too!!

 • Hester LOVE curtains. She will create little hammock out of them and sleep the day away. Enid is learning to do the same. 

• Enid is very serious about her breakfast. My feet had better be on the floor by 4:30 am and her food ready by 4:45 am. However, she knows she won’t get anything until I get morning snuggles. She really lets her purr out on those occasions. 

 • Enid loves napping with people. My niece fell asleep and Enid paced and paced until I lifted the blanket so she could curl up next to my niece for nap hour.

  • Hester loves running every where. Keep the path clear and all hands and feet inside at all times or she will knock you down. She is my constant companion and shadow. It is interesting that Enid marches to her own drummer but Hester always wants to be with me.  • Both girls love catnip. Hester hallucinates when she gets it. She nibbles her back feet and her tail when she is higher than a kite. If I have a catnip plant Enid will “sing” to it….all-the-live-long-day!

 • Hester is a major jumper. She will be on the floor on second and in the next second she will be on my shoulder. No announcement just there. It is very scary when I am cooking over the stove but she trusts me to catch her.

 • Enid isn’t very good at jumping but she is very vocal when she wants an assistance to reach the highest cabinet. When I help her down she talks about it. She is a talker!

 • One crazy thing about Hester – when I was in the hospital my best friend’s son brought me a small stuffed toy cat to keep me company. Hester carries it around the house like a kitten. If she can’t find it she will carry some of my archery prizes which are stuffed fishes, stuffed Totoro, a stuffed toy from PopCap games, etc.

 In every photo below – they were purring. I find that so endearing about them. I just have to say their name and they purr. I love them both. I torture them with snuggles, scratches, pets, and hugs. I am currently saving up to build shelves for the girls so they can climb the walls. I want to buy them the “Indiana Jones” rope bridge I found. I know they will love it. I love spoiling them and being with them.

Thank you very much for my girls.


Thanks for sharing your girls with us, Karen. They are such lovely creatures, and such characters, too!  We’re so happy to know you spoil them so!! They deserve it!!

If you need a little more of the LaBaths, pleas take a look at the video posted HERE.

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