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catsofcalifornia: Sapphire from Sandpaper Kisses in Anaheim,…

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Sapphire from Sandpaper Kisses in Anaheim, California

Click here for more information about adoption and other ways to help (as well as information about the other cats at Sandpaper Kisses)!

Special Needs
Front Paws Declawed <– Jerks

Sapphire is a loud girl.
 She’s also quiet.  There is no in-between.  She has asthma, so you’ll
need to be comfortable with an inhaler.  

She has a love/hate
relationship with Ducky [another feline resident], and she prefers to
sleep on our bed with or without a human.  

It’s quite
heartbreaking to watch her try to climb the cat trees.  She makes due
with jumping from furniture to furniture to the highest level she can
manage on which ever tree is available.  She’s unable to go as high as
she would like because her front “finger tips” have been chopped off;
otherwise known as declawing.  Whomever falls in love with Sapphire will
need to continue purchasing soft/special litter to ensure her comfort
while manipulating it.  You’ll also need to research the possible
medical costs for declawed felines. 

How Interesting!

Smoked – Most of the hair is dark, with a light undercoat that shows through as the cat is moving.

Smoke cats: The
bottom eighth of each hair is white or creamy-white, with the rest of
the hair being a solid color. Genetically this color is a non-agouti cat with the dominant inhibitor gene; a non-agouti version of the silver tabby. Smoke cats will look solid colored until they move, when the white undercoat becomes apparent. It is mostly found in pedigreed cats (especially longhair breeds) but also present in some domestic long-haired cats.

and this one!

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