Floofy and Floppy


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Wylla got a good brushing the other day. I try to brush her once a week on average, and more frequently in the summer months. She’s pretty tolerant at first and doesn’t put up a fuss the first five minutes, but she does get a little riled when I get too close to her belly or cataloons.  I try stop before it escalates.

She does take good care of her coat is always grooming herself, but if we don’t brush her, she gets a few tangles and matted bits in her armpits and other harder-to-reach areas.

I used the Furminator, which does a pretty good job of catching the loose stuff before she sheds it all over the house.  It’s kind of expensive for a cat brush, but it really does help reduce the number of cat hair tumbleweeds wafting across our wood floors, so I personally think it’s worth the investment.

If weather allows, I like to brush her on the deck.  I gather most of hair that’s removed, but let some of it waft away. I’m sure the birds put it to good use and line their nests with her fur!

After we’re done brushing, she always needs to flop around a bit and re-poof her floof!

Here’s our floofy and floppy post-brushing girl.






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