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Happy Tails: Bubbie (formerly Iggy)

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A little kindness can go a long way towards erasing cruelty.

Bubbie the cat was rescued from a feral colony in 2014 after presumably being thrown out by his previous owners once he started spraying because he wasn’t neutered. If that wasn’t enough, during his time on the street he suffered a gash on his neck that resulted in a potentially life-threatening abscess.

Luckily for Bubbie, however, he ended up in the care of Liz Cabral, who’s been helping rescue street cats since 2010. Liz took Bubbie to the Toronto Humane Society where he was fixed and had the abscess treated. She then brought him home for a lengthy recovery, which in the short-term involved getting him cleaned up and giving him regular medicine and in the long-term involved putting some weight on his bones, since he had become quite emaciated.

“He was in really rough shape,” Liz said. “He was quite dirty and injured and skinny.”

Iggy has a bad neck infection

It didn’t take long for Bubbie to show his appreciation for the care he was receiving.

“Within a day or a day and a half, he started showing signs of being friendly,” Liz said. “He was rolling around on his back and then I started giving him treats through the crate. And then he started taking the treats right from my hand.

“He was such a loving, good-natured cat.”

Iggy in his foster home

This was no feral kitty: Bubbie was ready to be part of a family again. And he eventually found his permanent human companion in Joyce Singh, who discovered Bubbie at an adopt-a-thon thanks to a touch of kismet.

“I had never owned a cat on my own before, so I was so hesitant to commit to one,” said Joyce.“I just kept wandering around and it got to the point where almost all the cats were gone…So there were only three cats left and he was just sitting in his cage, chillin’. He looked calm, so I chose him and I took him home and he adapted really well.”

Bubbie now has a loving home

That’s an understatement. Within a half hour, Bubbie was exploring his new abode and eating. And since those early days the two have developed an inseparable bond.

“He’s just super-affectionate, cuddly and friendly… when I get home from work, first it’s time for food, then he insists I go and lay on my bed with him.”

Joyce having had no idea about Bubbie’s ordeal, and only learning about it when told during our conversation for this feature, truly speaks to the excellent work done by Liz.

“I had never even seen or felt the scar,” Joyce said.

lucky Bubbie!

And there you have it. Thanks to the kindness shown by Liz and Joyce, the cruelty suffered by one lucky, special cat can be forgotten, replaced with happy memories from a loving home.

— Edward Fraser

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