Mary Had a Little Fleece – I LOVE FUNNY KITTENS CLUB

Mary Had a Little Fleece



During our last fundraiser, Mary, a longtime friend of the IBKC, offered up a challenge. For every $25 we gave, she promised to stitch a super-soft fleece kitty bed to donate to our shelter.  Well, when the challenge was over, Mary got busy and started making seventy, yes, SEVENTY fleece cat beds.

Last week we met up at the shelter so she could deliver her beds to the kitties.

We stopped in the foster room first to drop off a stack of beds.  Remember that cutie pie Jackson, who came to the Internet Cat Video Fest? Well, lucky for us, he was there to greet us!  Here is having a “Prince and the Pea” moment.


He’s such a sweet little fellow, and loved all the attention he got from Mary.



Ruth, who’s the foster care coordinator, was very happy to receive the kitty bed donation. The kittens and mama cats love the beds, and because they’re getting geared up for kitten season, they certainly do need them!

Next, we met up with Sarah, who works in the cattery.  She was so thrilled to receive a big stack of beds for the big cats. They’ve been running low on them, so the timing was perfect!

Thank you, Mary, for being generous with your time and creating so many of these wonderful beds for the shelter cats and kittens!  I know a lot of heart, effort, and hours went into the creation of these — we appreciate this huge gift you gave!!  Thank you to all you donated during Mary’s challenge, too!

And thank you to Sophie, Mary’s lovely Calico, for posing so beautifully for these photographs.  I’m sure your kitty heart was broken when your mama packed up all your beds and took them away!  I understand she still has a little fleece left over. Maybe she can make you one to call your own!