One Fast Cat: Amazing Exercise Wheel For Cats

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One Fast Cat Amazing Exercise Wheel For Cats

It turns out that an exercise treadmill wheel is a great exercise device not only for hamsters, but also for cats! Inventor Sean Farley and his team in California came up with a giant replica of the hamster wheel designed to entertain bored cats. The device lets our little feline friends spend their days exercising instead of just lying around the house.

cat-wheel-treadmill-one-fast-cat 3

Called One Fast Cat, the wheel helps the house cats use up their pent-up energy, which would normally be spent hunting. Exercising instead of lying around keeps the cat more lively and energetic all day long.

cat-wheel-treadmill-one-fast-cat 4

The creators explain on their website that:

In field testing our cat wheel has proven to not only enhance the physical well-being of our cat but altered her disposition to be more relaxed and calm.

Hamsters, rats, cats – they all use wheel treadmills to fight boredom and to exercise. Maybe we should too?

More info: | Kickstarter (laughingsquid)

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