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Feeding time at the zoo.

Feeding time at the zoo.

It’s taken me a while to write this post. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this site, how I would honor Romeo’s memory going forward, and what I would do with 7 years of history with readers, friends, rescues, partners, brands and more. I thought about closing up shop. How could this site go on without Romeo?

But after a lot of consideration, I’ve decided we’re not going away. I’d like to continue doing what we’ve been doing – raising money for cats in need and connecting with amazing people who love cats – but in a bit of a different way.

Obviously Romeo’s not writing this blog anymore. But I think he’d be happy to let me take over for him so that’s what I’ll do.

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Now, onto some super exciting updates! I’m so happy to introduce you to two new members of the brood: Mr. Wilson and Rufus!

Pugsley welcomed these two new brothers with open paws.Well…I think so. He’s so chill I don’t really think he noticed there were new cats here for a while.

In December, soon after Romeo left us, one of Romeo’s amazing Facebook friends posted a pic of an adoptable cat named Mr. Wilson to our timeline. She was so sweet and said that she knew it was very soon but that Mr. Wilson’s story reminded her of Romeo’s. She was right! I looked into him right away.

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson is 13. He was found as a stray in North Carolina and taken to a shelter. He’s front paw declawed, has high blood pressure and was in tremendous pain due to horrific ear infections (all of these things just like my poor sweet Romeo!) The shelter that took him in called the rescue FLUFF in Nashville, Tenn. who agreed to pull him and care for him until he was ready to be adopted.

They took such great care of him, paying for surgeries on his ears and nursing him back to health. You’ll see from the photos that the surgeries left both of his ears permanently folded down! Just like Romeo had one ear folded down, this guy has two. It was meant to be! Mr. Wilson had lots of good people who wanted to adopt him but we really wanted him. He seemed perfected for our family.

Just as we were talking with FLUFF about adopting Mr. Wilson, we learned about another Persian boy here in Columbus who needed a home. The rescue where we got Romeo and Pugsley, Persian Purebred and Purrbaby, had a sweet 3-year-old Persian who looks very much like Romeo.

Crazy boy Rufus

Crazy boy Rufus

How could we choose between them? Well, we didn’t. We ended up adopting both of these wonderful boys!

Mr. Wilson is just a sweet, cuddly old man who loves to hang out on the back of the couch and watch the world go by, just like Romeo did.

Rufus is full of energy and so ornery. He’s total mama’s boy and he loves to curl up in my arms and sleep. He is SO snuggly and hilarious. And, just like Romeo, he loves to sleep on my head.

Both boys remind me in different ways of Romeo and I still miss him every day. But I know he’d be happy with our choices. And Pugsley seems happy to have friends. He and Mr. Wilson hang out a lot together. Rufus is always messing with the old guys but not in a nasty way…I think he’s just young and wants to play. The old guys just want to lounge.

Thanks for continuing to be part of our community and for all of your support and kind wishes after Romeo passed away. It meant the world to us.

Meow for now!


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