WOOZY the multifunctional hammock/bed for Cats


WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats 2

WOOZY The hammock/bed for Cats, which you can hang on the radiator or place on the ground everywhere you would like. Support this project! Share it!

WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats 3

The Woozy is an elegant, strong and multifunctional cat hammock/bed made for every interior and suits every cat. No matter if your home has a different model radiator or no radiator. The woozy fits in every interior. It’s easy to adjust to every radiator.

WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats 4

The quality, looks and opportunity’s of the bed were the most important aspects in the design. The Woozy is easy to install. In less than 5 minutes your Woozy is ready for use.

WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats

It has high quality beech for the frame, coated steel for the hooks and strong recycled polyester for the fabric. The fabric is easy to replace and washable.

WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats

Woozy is in six different colors.

Support project!

The Woozy team need your help for the first line production. They already have a couple of prototypes and they are ready for production. The next step is the money to bring the Woozy to cats worldwide.

Your cat will love it!

WOOZY the hammock - bed for Cats