Fact vs. Myth Cat Show Perception


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If you have never been to a cat show, you may not know what to expect as you may have heard some rumors that cat shows are only for stressed out, pedigreed cats.  However, that notion is far from the truth!

There are many things to do at a cat show, let’s take a look at what kinds of things go on:

  1. Judging: Cats are judged within their respective breeds and then the top ten cats are chosen from the best and second best of breeds.  Cats are kept in a benching area away from the judging rings and are held in cages or “show shelters” until they are called to the ring for judging or a final. At the conclusion of class competition, the judge will call his top ten final and award rosettes to the top cats in Kitten, Championship and Premiership.
  2. Benching Area: This is a great place to have a conversation with a breeder.  It’s where you can learn about the breed of your choice and ask questions about the breeder’s expectations and preferences for placing cats. Many times, you can find out about whether the breeder has a retired show cat available to a forever home.  That forever home can be yours!
  3. Feline Agility Competition: feb 29-2Cats can compete in a timed, enclosed feline agility course. It is fun to watch them as they compete against the clock.  If you are at a show which has feline agility, you will spend several minutes at a time just mesmerized watching the cats jump through hoops and climb stairs.
  4. Vendors and more! You will love shopping for all things cat: from teaser toys to scratching posts, you will find all the latest in cat products! Of course, you may find “people” vendors as well.
  5. Family-friendly Activities: Feb 29
    You will find that several shows have additional activities for the whole family such as Breed Showcase where you will get to see and learn more about the different breeds or a stuffed animal judging competition for kids or coloring contests and more.  Show flyers list activities that each club is planning.
  6. Animal Rescue Adoptions:  Many clubs have animal rescue groups participate.  The mission of CFA is to promote the welfare of all cats.  You can choose a homeless animal to add to your family and so the cat can have a forever home.

There is a myth that cats are stressed out at shows and it is an unnatural place for them to be.  While there are cats who do not like to show and they are “retired” quickly from showing if they act up and are cranky, many cats love the attention from their owners and like to be admired by strangers.

Check out CFA’s list of upcoming shows at go to

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Mary Had a Little Fleece



 During our last fundraiser, Mary, a longtime friend of the IBKC, offered up a challenge. For every $25 we gave, she promised to stitch a super-soft fleece kitty bed to donate to our shelter.  Well, when the challenge was over, Mary got busy and started making seventy, yes, SEVENTY fleece cat beds.  

Last week we met up at the shelter so she could deliver her beds to the kitties.

We stopped in the foster room first to drop off a stack of beds.  Remember that cutie pie Jackson, who came to the Internet Cat Video Fest? Well, lucky for us, he was there to greet us!  Here is having a “Prince and the Pea” moment.


He’s such a sweet little fellow, and loved all the attention he got from Mary.



Ruth, who’s the foster care coordinator, was very happy to receive the kitty bed donation. The kittens and mama cats love the beds, and because they’re getting geared up for kitten season, they certainly do need them!

Next, we met up with Sarah, who works in the cattery.  She was so thrilled to receive a big stack of beds for the big cats. They’ve been running low on them, so the timing was perfect!

Thank you, Mary, for being generous with your time and creating so many of these wonderful beds for the shelter cats and kittens!  I know a lot of heart, effort, and hours went into the creation of these — we appreciate this huge gift you gave!!  Thank you to all you donated during Mary’s challenge, too!  

And thank you to Sophie, Mary’s lovely Calico, for posing so beautifully for these photographs.  I’m sure your kitty heart was broken when your mama packed up all your beds and took them away!  I understand she still has a little fleece left over. Maybe she can make you one to call your own!

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A gradual recovery for Fusa


This post has been written by our Newbury & District Adoption Centre

Beautiful Fusa arrived at the Newbury & District Adoption Centre as a stray with cat flu symptoms and a very obvious head tilt. She had a serious ear infection which was affecting her balance, causing nausea.  Antibiotics and ear treatments didn’t helped to alleviate the symptoms.

Black-and-white Fusa

Xrays revealed the problem was a polyp causing all the symptoms. Specialist scans and treatment were needed, which are costly so we set up a JustGiving page to appeal to cat lovers to help Fusa to receive the treatment she deserved.

Fusa had a a polyp

Unbelievably, we smashed our target of £3,800 within 24 hours! We were so overwhelmed and grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Our little lady had her operation in December but it didn’t go exactly to plan and she gave us quite a scare. It was a very worrying time for all the staff here at the centre. Poor Fusa had post-surgery complications and it was very touch and go for a few days.

Fusa had to have a tracheostomy during her operation and was in intensive care for several days. She spent many weeks in a foster home with our Cat Care Assistant Adele and gave Adele a fright when her tracheostomy wound opened. So back to the vets Fusa went!

Fusa's tracheostomy wound

The above photo shows Fusa settling down in Adele’s home. The picture quality isn’t great simply because she needed to be kept calm and quiet with low lighting. She had a long recovery ahead, longer than originally thought, but we are so happy that Fusa received the treatment she deserved and got all the love and care she needed.

We’re so pleased to be able to tell you that she found a happy home in February with a lovely couple.

Here she is going home with her new owner and settling in their home.

Fusa going home with her new owner

Fusa settling into her new home

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Rescued Cats: Before and After (13 amazing photos)


before and after cats
CYPISEK (read his story: Click here)

Foundation Głosem Zwierząt (Voice of Animals) is probably one of the best foundation in Poland. They help cats (and dogs) everyday. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of feral, stray, and free-roaming cats. Support them. Help cats. Make donation.

DYZIO (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

DŻORDŻ (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


In addition to their rescue and adoption program, foundation offers a subsidized apay/neuter assistance program. Foundation also offers cat care information and spay/neuter education to the public to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the problem of pet overpopulation.


ŁAZANKA (read her story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

LEO (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


THELMA (read her story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OGI (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLAF (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ONDIN (read his story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLIVE (read her story: Click here)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How You Can Help? Support Foundation Głosem Zwierząt. Help Them Help Cats.

Foundation Głosem Zwierząt receives its funding from public donations, grants and fundraising activities. Theis supporters are people just like you, people who care about the homeless cats and want to make a difference in their lives. They have no paid employees. It is an all-voluntter group.  With your help, they can make a difference for these cats and kittens. Make donation. Share it.

Fundacja „Głosem Zwierząt” (

ul. Podbiałowa 1/2
60-185 Skórzewo, POLAND

NIP 7792386785
KRS 0000373309

Bank Account number: 04 2490 0005 0000 4600 8073 9177

Thank you!

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